Our Nordic Walking Social Prescribing Courses are a fun 6-week course of 6 x 1hr sessions. During these sessions, you will learn the full INWA 10 steps of Nordic Walking in detail with drills and lessons to perfect your technique.

So that's the formal bit, however with Walk Kernow Nordic Walking becomes so much more. I set up Walk Kernow as a business back in 2012 with the aim to create a friendly Nordic Walking group but I was soon to discover that it would become so much more!  My only apprehension about starting the business was that people wouldn't get on and that I would be dragged into the politics of running a social group, but it soon became clear that wasn't going to happen. 


With the help of exercise and nature, anyone who arrived for their session feeling cross, upset or tetchy soon began to relax as they put one foot in front of the other.  Every walk I hear, even to this day...I didn't feel like coming out today...I'm glad I came out today...I feel so much better for that. 


As the business grew so did the social side and Walk Kernow now offers it's WK Members social events such as cinema visits, theatre visits, kayaking, lunches and so much more.  With a social prescribing course, Walk Kernow will gift each participant a year worth of WK Membership worth £40.

So what are the benefits of Nordic Walking with Walk Kernow?

Walk Kernow is able to provide you with a 6-week course for up to 12 participants all receiving a WK Membership and poles are provided for all sessions.

We will come to your surgery for an initial chat about what we offer and for you to ask any questions you may have.  In the package, you will receive a Beginners Workshop session for 12 of your Health Care Providers as we find this is a great way for you to understand who will benefit from the course and be able to tell your patients all about it.  Where possible this will be held at the same venue that your course will be run. We have found that some of those Health Care Professionals have also decided to join our walks as they have enjoyed their session so much!

What we provide to make things easier for you:

  • Information form - giving patients information about the course when, where, what to wear/bring and how to book

  • Slides for use on your waiting room TV screen

  • Poster - giving information about the course

  • Meet and greet at your surgery prior to the course for patients to ask questions or if they need help booking

  • Facebook Event co-hosted by your surgery

  • If required a phonecall post each session to keep you up to date with how the session went

Post Course your patients will have lots of Nordic Walks to choose from offering different ability levels.  There's nothing worse than being on a walk that is too hard, too easy or not having the ability to progress. 


The benefits of Nordic Walking really are amazing from the physical health side of it we see people lower their blood pressure, feel happier, those with arthritic joints gain more movement and with Mental Health we see people become more relaxed and confident we have even had one participant buy a new smartphone as they gained the confidence to walk into a shop and ask for help. There are so many more benefits we just can't list them all.

To set up an initial meeting please email us on

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