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Once you have completed a Beginners Workshop or Beginners Course either with Walk Kernow or another Nordic Walking group you can join us on our Nordic Walks. Nordic Walks are led by a Qualified Instructor or Walk Leader. We are fully Insured and carry  First Aid Certificates. Every Nordic Walk has also been carefully risk-assessed.  If you are not sure if the walk is right for you please ask.  


If you have an Instructor on your walk you can request technique tuition.  We do not give tuition unless asked as we understand that sometimes you just want to walk and not concentrate on your technique as much whilst de-stressing or relaxing. We also have Technique Sessions for those who really want to concentrate on their technique.


We try our best to use either free or National Trust Car Parks for our walks with refreshments and toilet facilities.


We have different Levels of  Nordic Walks to make Nordic Walking as accessible as possible.  If you are unsure which type of  Nordic Walk is best for you please ask your Instructor.




Moderate/ Challenging

 Day Walks

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