The EXEL Nordic Pro Adjust is the perfect travel pole. 100% carbon so light to carry and walk with. The three shafts lock in place with a twist action and collapse small enough to fit in a carry on suitcase or backpack.

Price shown is for a pair of poles.


Reliable, adjustable Nordic walking poles from EXEL

- Shaft: 100% Carbon composite
- Grip: OEB QR
- Strap: OEB QR
- Spiketip: walker and separate paw
- Carbon Index: 100% 


Adjustable 100-130cm

EXEL Nordic Pro Adjust (Travel) OEB QR

  • To order please email

    Delivery £10 unless ordering 2 sets of poles or more. If you Nordic Walk with us and are happy to wait until there is another set of poles ordered you will get free postage. Walk Kernow will supply (where possible) a free set of hire poles for you to use until your pole order arrives.

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