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Director/INWA Instructor

I started Nordic Walking in 2010. I was tired of being overweight and not having the energy to enjoy life to the full. Diets alone don't work for me and I hated gyms and classes, being overweight I was very self-conscious. I found a Nordic Walking group and quickly decided that I really enjoyed Nordic Walking.....this was something that was for me, it wasn't a race, there was no competition and no one was looking at me thinking how awful I looked because we were all too busy out enjoying ourselves walking and talking. Not only was it good for my health and my self-confidence I found that I was getting some "me" time too. Being a mum I needed a break now and again only I hadn't realised it. I decided to invest in a set of really nice poles, I wanted to ensure I kept on Nordic Walking so I thought if I buy these poles I will HAVE to and enjoy using them. I then started to calorie count along with the Nordic Walking the weight began to fall off. I walked twice a week for roughly an hour each time. In about 9 months I had lost a total of 4 stone. The poles, that I bought were such a great investment in ME and I've still got them.


I hope you will enjoy Nordic Walking as much as I do and can benefit from it as much as I have and still do. walking in cornwall



BNW Walk Leader

Adrian is our voluntary Walk Leader who has been with Walk Kernow for many years now.  Adrian first came as a client but soon came to love Nordic Walking so much that he was on every walk he could get on, so naturally, Adrian became a Walk Leader qualifying with British Nordic Walking in Wales. Adrian specialises in faster-paced Walks....just try and catch him!

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