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Get a whole lot more out of your walk...

Nordic Walking has become a regular exercise routine for many, offering a way to engage with nature, boost physical fitness, and foster social connections. It's an activity that welcomes everyone, catering to various ages, fitness levels, and abilities. At Walk Kernow, we take the accessibility of Nordic Walking a step further, providing a tailored approach to ensure everyone can revel in this delightful practice.


Starting with the Basics

Our journey into Nordic Walking begins with our 'Nordic Walking Beginners Workshops'. In these friendly, relaxed 90-minute sessions, our qualified INWA instructors teach you the 10 essential steps of Nordic Walking. It's an easy and fun way to get started, building confidence and skills.


Tailored Walk Levels

Recognising that our walkers have different needs and preferences, we offer walk levels ranging from gentle strolls to adventurous hikes:

Level 1 Walks: Ideal for gentle support, lasting just 30 minutes.

Level 2 Walks: For those building fitness, with manageable challenges.

Level 3 Walks: Perfect for exploring and maintaining physical and mental wellness.

Level 4 Walks: For the more adventurous, they can feature big hills and last up to a full day.


We always ensure the pace suits the group on the day, making each walk enjoyable for all.


1:1 Private Sessions

For those who prefer a more personalised experience, we offer 1:1 private sessions. These tailored walks meet your unique needs and comfort levels, making Nordic Walking accessible to everyone.


Your Nordic Walking Journey

Once you've completed our Beginners Workshop, we'll guide you to the walk level that's best for you. Progress at your pace, meet new friends and explore the breathtaking Cornish landscape with our support.


Why Choose Nordic Walking?

The benefits of Nordic Walking are numerous:

Physical Gains: Tones up to 90% of your muscles, burns more calories, and lessens joint impact.

Wellbeing Benefits: Enhances mental health, reduces stress, and improves sleep.

Inclusive: Suitable for people recovering from surgery (post-rehab), long COVID, arthritis, and more.

Community Connection: Engages with local health initiatives and social prescribing. We have funding for patients from the Falmouth Surgeries...please email for more details.

Nordic Walking with Walk Kernow is more than just exercise. It's a community, an adventure, and a way to personal growth. We're proud to offer various options to suit every individual's needs, creating a friendly atmosphere for both beginners and experienced walkers.


Whether you're looking to make new friends, get back in shape, or simply enjoy the Cornish outdoors, Nordic Walking with Walk Kernow awaits. Join one of our Beginners Workshops, grab a pair of poles (that we supply), and start your Nordic Walking adventure today. With our friendly instructors and comprehensive approach, the joys of Nordic Walking are just a step away. Come discover them with us!

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