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Why Nordic Walk with a group

Updated: Apr 6, 2023

Nordic Walking is a full-body exercise that involves walking with specialised walking poles that provide additional support and resistance. This low-impact activity is great for people of all ages and fitness levels and is quickly gaining popularity worldwide. While Nordic walking can be done on your own, joining a professionally led group can offer a wide range of extra benefits.

In this blog, we will explore the benefits of Nordic walking with a professionally led group such as Walk Kernow.

Improved Technique

A group led by professional Nordic Walking Instructors can provide you with guidance on the correct technique, ensuring that you get the most out of your workout while also reducing the risk of injury.

Social Interaction

Joining a Nordic Walking group can offer a great opportunity for social interaction. You will have the chance to meet new people with similar interests, and you can work together to achieve your fitness goals. The group environment can be motivating and inspiring, encouraging you to achieve more than you would on your own.

Increased Motivation

Working out on your own can be challenging, especially when you're not feeling particularly motivated. A professionally led Nordic Walking group can provide the extra motivation you need to stick with your fitness routine. You'll have a set schedule, and the group environment will encourage you to show up and give it your all.

Improved Cardiovascular Health

Nordic walking is an excellent form of cardiovascular exercise. When done correctly, it can help improve your heart health by increasing your heart rate and improving your overall fitness level. Walk Kernow can help you get the most out of your workout by setting a pace that is challenging but achievable.

Reduced Stress

Exercise is a great way to reduce stress and improve your mental health. Nordic Walking is no exception. When you join a Walk Kernow, you'll have the chance to get outside and immerse yourself in nature while getting your exercise in and have no worries about getting lost. This can be a great way to clear your mind and reduce stress.

Improved Posture and Balance

Nordic Walking requires good posture and balance. When done correctly, it can help improve your overall posture and balance. Your instructor can provide you with feedback on your technique and help you make adjustments as needed.

Reduced Risk of Injury

Joining a professionally led Nordic Walking group can help reduce the risk of injury. You'll have guidance on proper technique and form, and the group environment can encourage you to take things at a pace that is safe for you.

Walk Kernow Instructors risk assess all walks, this means that the walk is safe, you won't get lost and we can ensure that you are on the right walk to suit your ability. We are fully insured and also trained in Outdoor Frist Aid as well as Mental Health First Aid and carry a full First Aid kit for the group. We are always on hand to help with technique but we won't push it on you so that you can enjoy your walk the way you want it each time you walk with us.

Joining Walk Kernow can offer a wide range of benefits. You'll have the chance to improve your technique, enjoy social interaction, increase your motivation, improve your cardiovascular & overall health, reduce stress, improve your posture and balance, and reduce the risk of injury. If you're looking for a low-impact exercise that can help you stay fit and healthy, Nordic walking with us is an excellent option to consider.

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